I create windows and doors with depth and harmonic vibration which let peace, harmony, stillness, serenity, and Love in your Life

- Vera Hoi

My Story

Vera Hoi

I am an artist based in a serene village nestled by a picturesque lake in the south of Austria. Nature’s abundant beauty that surrounds me has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my artistic endeavors.

Through my artistic expression

I aim to open windows and doors that serve as portals to a more tranquil and harmonious world. The depth and harmonic vibration of my artwork invite you to engage on a profound level, exploring the multi-layered complexity within.
My focus on peace, harmony, stillness, serenity, and love stems from my belief in the transformative power of art. I am convinced that art can evoke positive emotions and have a profound impact on your emotional and spiritual well-being. It is my desire to create not only aesthetically pleasing artwork but also pieces that resonate with your inner state and bring a sense of calm and harmony to your life.

My creative focus

lies in textured compositions that bring to life the essence of nature in its various forms: the mesmerizing depths of the sea, the calm stillness of a lake, the dynamic energy of a cascading waterfall, or the colorful beauty of a field of flowers. In my mostly non-representational paintings, I try to capture the essence and emotional resonance of nature by transferring its captivating power onto canvas.

Through my artwork, I extend an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the world and nature that surrounds us. I believe that by exploring our inner selves, we can gain a deeper understanding of our values, beliefs, and emotions. This understanding allows us to foster a stronger connection with the world and nature, recognizing the interdependencies between ourselves, others, and the natural world.

My History

Experience & Credentials -

By embracing this journey

 towards oneness, we can cultivate greater harmony and balance in our lives. This process enables us to live in a more attuned manner, aligning with the needs of our bodies, the world, and nature. Ultimately, my aim is to inspire a sense of purpose and meaning, fostering a more sustainable and compassionate world for all.

Inspired by the beauty of nature

I seek to capture its organic shapes, colors, and patterns in my artwork. By incorporating these elements, I aim to create visually stunning and emotionally evocative images that resonate deeply with viewers.

In my artistic process

I employ a diverse range of materials, including acrylic and oil paints, structure pastes, inks, and other artistic mediums. Constantly exploring new techniques, I often create my own tools, allowing me to manifest my ideas in unique and innovative ways. This experimental approach enables me to embark on an intuitive journey, where the artwork’s evolution and final outcome remain open to possibility. As I work, the goals may shift and transform, guided by the ongoing interplay of colors, structures, and textures.

The result of my artistic process

is the creation of one-of-a-kind paintings that possess a distinct and unrepeatable character. Each piece reflects the delicate balance between intention and spontaneity, imbued with the emotions and energy infused during its creation. The interplay of vibrant colors, dynamic textures, and intricate details invites viewers to embark on their own journey, connecting with the beauty of nature.

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For me, art is a means of connection. By sharing my paintings with the world, I hope to communicate my own experiences and emotions, encouraging others to discover the beauty within their own lives. Through art, we can forge connections and inspire one another on a profound and meaningful level.


Group exhibition "“L'opera d'arte racconta...”

Gallery ARTtime, Udine, Italy

July 2023

PaviArt, Biancoscuro Art Contest

Palazzo Esposizioni, Pavia, Italy

April 2023

Group exhibition "Just Summer on my mind"

Miami, USA

May 2023

Past exhibitions



Artbox.Project Miami 3.0, Art Basel Week

 Miami, Florida



Swiss Art Expo Zurich

 Zurich, Switzerland



Exhibition in Darwin Museum, EARTH2022 Project

Exhibition in Darwin Museum, EARTH2022 Project



Biennale Art Expo / Artbox.project Venezia 1.0

Venice, Italy




Zurich, Switzerland



The largest project in the history of NFT art, Nikas Safronov`s charity project "Artists for Artists"




VOGUE III | Opening Event“, Boomer Gallery

Tower Bridge, London



Los Angeles, California

Talent Prize Award Abstract Competition, Art Show International Gallery

Selected for Publication in BIANCOSCURO Art Magazin



Talent Prize Award Landscape Competition, Art Show International Gallery, Los Angeles, California


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